ROBOT Report - agro

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Row Level Rule Name Subject Property Value
1 WARN duplicate_label_synonym AGRO:00000610 oboInOwl:hasExactSynonym hedgerow intercropping@en
2 WARN duplicate_label_synonym AGRO:00000683 oboInOwl:hasExactSynonym forest garden@en
3 WARN duplicate_label_synonym AGRO:01000015 oboInOwl:hasExactSynonym tillage@en
4 WARN equivalent_class_axiom_no_genus AGRO:00000154 RO:0001000 PO:0009011
5 WARN equivalent_class_axiom_no_genus AGRO:00000156 RO:0002609 AGRO:00000155
6 WARN equivalent_class_axiom_no_genus AGRO:00000322 RO:0002609 AGRO:00000341
7 WARN equivalent_class_axiom_no_genus AGRO:00000348 RO:0000052 AGRO:00000300
8 WARN equivalent_class_axiom_no_genus AGRO:00000603 BFO:0000051 AGRO:00000002
9 WARN equivalent_class_axiom_no_genus AGRO:00002009 RO:0001000 PO:0025066
10 WARN equivalent_class_axiom_no_genus AGRO:00002010 RO:0001000 PO:0009054
11 WARN equivalent_class_axiom_no_genus AGRO:00002039 RO:0000087 AGRO:00000033
12 WARN equivalent_class_axiom_no_genus AGRO:00002040 RO:0000087 CHEBI:33287
13 WARN invalid_xref AGRO:00000318 oboInOwl:hasDbXref inter-row spacing@en
14 WARN missing_definition AGRO:00000618 IAO:0000115
15 INFO lowercase_definition AGRO:00000651 IAO:0000115 a trench that is long, narrow, shallow and made in the ground with an agricultural implement.@en
16 INFO lowercase_definition AGRO:00000654 IAO:0000115 area of soil surface covered by stones.@en
17 INFO lowercase_definition AGRO:00000655 IAO:0000115 area of soil surface covered by gravels.@en
18 INFO lowercase_definition AGRO:00010155 IAO:0000115 obsolete A role that inheres in a material entity that is mined from mineral deposits or manufactured from synthetic compounds and that excludes carbon-containing materials except ureas.@en