Dashboard Report - ncbitaxon

Version: http://purl.obolibrary.org/obo/ncbitaxon/2022-02-21/ncbitaxon.owl

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ERROR - 3 errors

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Open Missing ontology license.
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Textual Definitions 2401838 missing definitions. See ROBOT Report for details.
Plurality of Users Missing usages
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Naming Conventions
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Ontology metrics

Metric Values
Axioms: Breakdown of axiom types
  • AnnotationAssertion: 9810543
  • Declaration: 2401853
  • SubAnnotationPropertyOf: 15
  • SubClassOf: 2401824
Axioms: Number of axioms 14614235
Entities: % of entities reused 0.0
Entities: Number of annotation properties 29
Entities: Number of classes 2401826
Entities: Number of data properties 0
Entities: Number of individuals 0
Entities: Number of object properties 0
Entities: Number of unsatisfiable classes 0
Info: Breakdown of OWL class expressions used
  • Class: 7205474
Info: Does the ontology fall under OWL 2 DL? True
Info: Experimental OBO score
  • _impact: 0.39
  • _impact_external: 0
  • _reuse: 0.0
Info: How many externally documented uses? 0
Info: How many ontologies use it? 71
Info: Logical consistency True
Info: Syntax RDF/XML Syntax
Info: Usage of namespaces in axioms
  • IAO: 2
  • NCBITAXONALT: 2173023
  • NCBITaxon: 7205436
  • obo: 38
  • oboInOwl: 5555829
  • rdfs: 2401855
Info: Which ontologies use it? ['agro', 'apollo_sv', 'chiro', 'cido', 'cl', 'clo', 'cob', 'cteno', 'cto', 'dideo', 'doid', 'ecocore', 'ecto', 'envo', 'epio', 'eupath', 'fao', 'fbbt', 'flopo', 'fobi', 'foodon', 'fovt', 'genepio', 'geno', 'go', 'gsso', 'hsapdv', 'hso', 'htn', 'iceo', 'ico', 'ido', 'ino', 'labo', 'mco', 'micro', 'mondo', 'mro', 'ms', 'ncbitaxon', 'oba', 'obcs', 'obi', 'obib', 'ogg', 'ogsf', 'ohd', 'ohmi', 'ohpi', 'omrse', 'one', 'ons', 'ontoneo', 'oostt', 'opl', 'opmi', 'ornaseq', 'ovae', 'pcl', 'pco', 'pdro', 'peco', 'po', 'pr', 'psdo', 'pso', 'stato', 'to', 'txpo', 'uberon', 'upheno', 'vo']