ROBOT Report - bco

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Types of errors

LevelNumber of errors
" 1

Error breakdown

RuleNumber of errors

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Row Level Rule Name Subject Property Value
1 ERROR deprecated_class_reference obsolete printed report rdfs:subClassOf obolete printed observational report
2 ERROR deprecated_class_reference obolete printed observational report rdfs:subClassOf obsolete printed report
3 ERROR deprecated_class_reference obsolete museum collection entity rdfs:subClassOf obsolete organismal museum collection entity
4 ERROR deprecated_class_reference obsolete organismal museum collection entity rdfs:subClassOf obsolete museum collection entity
5 ERROR deprecated_class_reference obsolete organismal entity rdfs:subClassOf obsolete taxonomic identification process
6 ERROR deprecated_class_reference obsolete taxonomic identification process rdfs:subClassOf obsolete organismal entity
7 ERROR missing_label OBI:0000011 rdfs:label
8 ERROR missing_label OBI:0000112 rdfs:label
9 ERROR missing_label OBI:0000659 rdfs:label
10 ERROR missing_label OBI:0100051 rdfs:label
11 ERROR missing_label rdfs:label
12 ERROR missing_label rdfs:label
13 ERROR missing_label rdfs:label
14 ERROR missing_label rdfs:label
15 ERROR missing_label rdfs:label
16 ERROR missing_label rdfs:label
17 ERROR missing_label rdfs:label
18 ERROR missing_label rdfs:label
19 ERROR missing_label rdfs:label
20 ERROR missing_label rdfs:label
21 ERROR missing_label rdfs:label
22 ERROR missing_label rdfs:label
23 ERROR missing_label rdfs:label
24 ERROR missing_label rdfs:label
25 ERROR missing_label rdfs:label
26 ERROR missing_label rdfs:label
27 ERROR missing_label rdfs:label
28 WARN missing_definition object aggregate IAO:0000115
29 WARN missing_definition object IAO:0000115
30 WARN missing_definition FossilSpecimen IAO:0000115
31 WARN missing_definition OBI:0000011 IAO:0000115
32 WARN missing_definition OBI:0000112 IAO:0000115
33 WARN missing_definition is_specified_input_of IAO:0000115
34 WARN missing_definition OBI:0000659 IAO:0000115
35 WARN missing_definition OBI:0100051 IAO:0000115
36 WARN missing_definition IAO:0000115
37 WARN missing_definition IAO:0000115
38 WARN missing_definition IAO:0000115
39 WARN missing_definition IAO:0000115
40 WARN missing_definition IAO:0000115
41 WARN missing_definition IAO:0000115
42 WARN missing_definition IAO:0000115
43 WARN missing_definition IAO:0000115
44 WARN missing_definition IAO:0000115
45 WARN missing_definition IAO:0000115
46 WARN missing_definition IAO:0000115
47 WARN missing_definition IAO:0000115
48 WARN missing_definition IAO:0000115
49 WARN missing_definition IAO:0000115
50 WARN missing_definition IAO:0000115
51 WARN missing_definition IAO:0000115
52 WARN missing_definition IAO:0000115
53 WARN missing_definition dwc_terms status IAO:0000115
54 WARN missing_definition Obsolete Class IAO:0000115
55 WARN missing_obsolete_label obsotlete is derived into by planned process rdfs:label obsotlete is derived into by planned process@en
56 WARN missing_obsolete_label obolete printed observational report rdfs:label obolete printed observational report@en
57 WARN equivalent_pair taxonomic identification process owl:equivalentClass
58 WARN equivalent_pair BFO:0000006 owl:equivalentClass
59 WARN equivalent_pair BFO:0000015 owl:equivalentClass
60 WARN equivalent_pair OBI:0100051 owl:equivalentClass
61 WARN annotation_whitespace obsolete material sample IAO:0000112 "A jar of water, the microbes that were filtered from that water, the DNA extracted from those microbes, a subsample of that DNA.