Relations Report - cob

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Types of errors

LevelNumber of errors

Error breakdown

RuleNumber of errors
is concretized as1
characteristic of1
participates in1
realized in1
contains process1
has part1
has participant1
occurs in1
part of1
enabled by1
has characteristic1
executed by1
is specified input of1
is specified output of1
has specified input1
has specified output1
intended to realize1
has plan1
intended plan process type1
is about1
has quantity1
has atomic number1
has number of atomic nuclei1
has inchi string1

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Row IRI Label Issue
1 is concretized as shares label with
2 characteristic of shares label with
3 participates in shares label with
4 realized in shares label with
5 contains process shares label with
6 has part shares label with
7 has participant shares label with
8 occurs in shares label with
9 part of shares label with
10 enabled by shares label with
11 concretizes shares label with
12 realizes shares label with
13 has characteristic shares label with
14 executed by not an RO property
15 is specified input of not an RO property
16 is specified output of not an RO property
17 has specified input not an RO property
18 has specified output not an RO property
19 intended to realize not an RO property
20 has plan not an RO property
21 intended plan process type not an RO property
22 executes not an RO property
23 is about not an RO property
24 has quantity not an RO property
25 has atomic number not an RO property
26 has number of atomic nuclei not an RO property
27 has inchi string not an RO property