ROBOT Report - mfomd

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Types of errors

LevelNumber of errors
A subjective complaint of difficulty falling or staying asleep or poor sleep quality. 1

Error breakdown

RuleNumber of errors

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Row Level Rule Name Subject Property Value
1 ERROR duplicate_label MFOMD:0000067 rdfs:label ICD-10 code@en
2 ERROR duplicate_label MFOMD:0000068 rdfs:label ICD-10 code@en
3 ERROR duplicate_label MFOMD:0000069 rdfs:label ICD-10 code@en
4 ERROR duplicate_label MFOMD:0000203 rdfs:label disorientation@en
5 ERROR duplicate_label MFOMD:0000205 rdfs:label disorientation@en
6 ERROR duplicate_label MFOMD:0000036 rdfs:label code DSM-IV-TR@en
7 ERROR duplicate_label MFOMD:0000037 rdfs:label code DSM-IV-TR@en
8 ERROR missing_label MFOMD:0000038 rdfs:label
9 ERROR multiple_definitions MFOMD:0000004 IAO:0000115 A disease that involves a psychological or behavioral pattern generally associated with subjective distress or disability that occurs in an individual, and which are not a part of normal development or culture.
10 ERROR multiple_definitions MFOMD:0000004 IAO:0000115 Clinically significant behavioural and/or cognitive pathology.
11 ERROR multiple_definitions MFOMD:0000116 IAO:0000115 "