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Row Level Rule Name Subject Property Value
1 WARN annotation_whitespace MP:0021099 IAO:0000115 any structural anomaly of the late-born dorsal interneurons that are roof-plate independent, and are dependent on expression of Ptf1a
2 WARN annotation_whitespace MP:0021100 IAO:0000115 any structural anomaly of the late-born dorsal interneurons that project ipsilaterally, integrate input from cutaneous sensory neurons that detect noxious stimuli, and are characterized by expression of Drg11, Tlx3, and Slc17a6
3 WARN duplicate_exact_synonym MP:0008244 oboInOwl:hasExactSynonym abnormal PCM morphology
4 WARN duplicate_exact_synonym MP:0030944 oboInOwl:hasExactSynonym abnormal PCM morphology
5 WARN duplicate_label_synonym MP:0010575 oboInOwl:hasExactSynonym aortic arch dilation
6 WARN duplicate_label_synonym MP:0020142 oboInOwl:hasExactSynonym increased anti-sperm antibody level
7 WARN duplicate_label_synonym MP:0030016 oboInOwl:hasExactSynonym increased adipocyte glucose uptake
8 WARN duplicate_scoped_synonym MP:0004860 oboInOwl:hasExactSynonym dilated kidney collecting tubule
9 WARN duplicate_scoped_synonym MP:0004860 oboInOwl:hasRelatedSynonym dilated kidney collecting tubule
10 WARN missing_definition MP:0002873 IAO:0000115
11 WARN missing_definition MP:0004050 IAO:0000115
12 WARN missing_definition MP:0004051 IAO:0000115
13 WARN missing_definition MP:0004052 IAO:0000115
14 WARN missing_definition MP:0008927 IAO:0000115
15 WARN missing_definition MP:0008931 IAO:0000115
16 WARN missing_definition MP:0009572 IAO:0000115
17 WARN missing_definition MP:0009573 IAO:0000115
18 WARN missing_definition MP:0009574 IAO:0000115
19 WARN missing_definition MP:0009944 IAO:0000115
20 WARN missing_definition MP:0009948 IAO:0000115
21 WARN missing_definition MP:0009949 IAO:0000115
22 WARN missing_definition MP:0009950 IAO:0000115
23 WARN missing_definition MP:0009951 IAO:0000115
24 WARN missing_definition MP:0009978 IAO:0000115
25 WARN missing_definition MP:0009988 IAO:0000115
26 WARN missing_definition MP:0009989 IAO:0000115
27 WARN missing_definition MP:0009990 IAO:0000115
28 WARN missing_definition MP:0009991 IAO:0000115
29 WARN missing_definition MP:0009992 IAO:0000115
30 WARN missing_definition MP:0009993 IAO:0000115
31 WARN missing_definition MP:0009994 IAO:0000115
32 WARN missing_definition MP:0009995 IAO:0000115
33 WARN missing_definition MP:0009996 IAO:0000115
34 WARN missing_definition MP:0009997 IAO:0000115
35 WARN missing_definition MP:0009998 IAO:0000115
36 WARN missing_definition MP:0009999 IAO:0000115
37 WARN missing_definition MP:0010000 IAO:0000115
38 WARN missing_definition MP:0010001 IAO:0000115
39 WARN missing_definition MP:0010002 IAO:0000115
40 WARN missing_definition MP:0010003 IAO:0000115
41 WARN missing_definition MP:0010004 IAO:0000115
42 WARN missing_definition MP:0010005 IAO:0000115
43 WARN missing_definition MP:0010007 IAO:0000115
44 WARN missing_definition MP:0010903 IAO:0000115
45 WARN missing_definition MP:0011149 IAO:0000115
46 WARN missing_definition MP:0011273 IAO:0000115
47 WARN missing_definition MP:0011274 IAO:0000115
48 WARN missing_definition MP:0011324 IAO:0000115
49 WARN missing_definition MP:0011329 IAO:0000115
50 WARN missing_definition MP:0011330 IAO:0000115
51 WARN missing_definition MP:0011510 IAO:0000115
52 WARN missing_definition MP:0011511 IAO:0000115
53 WARN missing_definition MP:0011674 IAO:0000115
54 WARN missing_definition MP:0011713 IAO:0000115
55 WARN missing_definition MP:0011714 IAO:0000115
56 WARN missing_definition MP:0011715 IAO:0000115
57 WARN missing_definition MP:0011716 IAO:0000115
58 WARN missing_definition MP:0011717 IAO:0000115
59 WARN missing_definition MP:0011718 IAO:0000115
60 WARN missing_definition MP:0012229 IAO:0000115
61 WARN missing_definition MP:0012608 IAO:0000115
62 WARN missing_definition MP:0012609 IAO:0000115
63 WARN missing_definition MP:0012610 IAO:0000115
64 WARN missing_definition MP:0012628 IAO:0000115
65 WARN missing_definition MP:0012629 IAO:0000115
66 WARN missing_definition MP:0012630 IAO:0000115
67 WARN missing_definition MP:0012631 IAO:0000115
68 WARN missing_definition MP:0012632 IAO:0000115
69 WARN missing_definition MP:0012633 IAO:0000115
70 WARN missing_definition MP:0012634 IAO:0000115
71 WARN missing_definition MP:0012640 IAO:0000115
72 WARN missing_definition MP:0012641 IAO:0000115
73 WARN missing_definition MP:0012642 IAO:0000115
74 WARN missing_definition MP:0012646 IAO:0000115
75 WARN missing_definition MP:0012647 IAO:0000115
76 WARN missing_definition MP:0012648 IAO:0000115
77 WARN missing_definition MP:0012649 IAO:0000115
78 WARN missing_definition MP:0012650 IAO:0000115
79 WARN missing_definition MP:0012651 IAO:0000115
80 WARN missing_definition MP:0012652 IAO:0000115
81 WARN missing_definition MP:0012653 IAO:0000115
82 WARN missing_definition MP:0012654 IAO:0000115
83 WARN missing_definition MP:0012655 IAO:0000115
84 WARN missing_definition MP:0012656 IAO:0000115
85 WARN missing_definition MP:0012657 IAO:0000115
86 WARN missing_definition MP:0012658 IAO:0000115
87 WARN missing_definition MP:0012659 IAO:0000115
88 WARN missing_definition MP:0012660 IAO:0000115
89 WARN missing_definition MP:0013870 IAO:0000115
90 WARN missing_definition MP:0013925 IAO:0000115
91 WARN missing_definition MP:0013929 IAO:0000115
92 WARN missing_definition MP:0013930 IAO:0000115
93 WARN missing_definition MP:0013931 IAO:0000115
94 WARN missing_definition MP:0013934 IAO:0000115
95 WARN missing_definition MP:0013935 IAO:0000115
96 WARN missing_definition MP:0013937 IAO:0000115
97 WARN missing_definition MP:0013944 IAO:0000115
98 WARN missing_definition MP:0013948 IAO:0000115
99 WARN missing_definition MP:0013952 IAO:0000115
100 WARN missing_definition MP:0013967 IAO:0000115
101 WARN missing_definition MP:0013968 IAO:0000115
102 WARN missing_definition MP:0013969 IAO:0000115
103 WARN missing_definition MP:0013970 IAO:0000115
104 WARN missing_definition MP:0013971 IAO:0000115
105 WARN missing_definition MP:0013973 IAO:0000115
106 WARN missing_definition MP:0013974 IAO:0000115
107 WARN missing_definition MP:0013975 IAO:0000115
108 WARN missing_definition MP:0013977 IAO:0000115
109 WARN missing_definition MP:0013978 IAO:0000115
110 WARN missing_definition MP:0013979 IAO:0000115
111 WARN missing_definition MP:0013980 IAO:0000115
112 WARN missing_definition MP:0013981 IAO:0000115
113 WARN missing_definition MP:0013984 IAO:0000115
114 WARN missing_definition MP:0013988 IAO:0000115
115 WARN missing_definition MP:0013989 IAO:0000115
116 WARN missing_definition MP:0013992 IAO:0000115
117 WARN missing_definition MP:0013995 IAO:0000115
118 WARN missing_definition MP:0014020 IAO:0000115
119 WARN missing_definition MP:0014209 IAO:0000115
120 WARN missing_definition MP:0014210 IAO:0000115
121 WARN missing_definition MP:0014211 IAO:0000115
122 WARN missing_definition MP:0014212 IAO:0000115
123 WARN missing_definition MP:0014213 IAO:0000115
124 WARN missing_definition MP:0014214 IAO:0000115
125 WARN missing_definition MP:0014215 IAO:0000115
126 WARN missing_definition MP:0014216 IAO:0000115
127 WARN missing_definition MP:0014217 IAO:0000115
128 WARN missing_definition MP:0014218 IAO:0000115
129 WARN missing_definition MP:0014219 IAO:0000115
130 WARN missing_definition obo:mp/mp-equivalent-axioms-subq#after IAO:0000115
131 WARN missing_definition obo:mp/mp-equivalent-axioms-subq#contained_in IAO:0000115
132 WARN missing_definition obo:mp/mp-equivalent-axioms-subq#during IAO:0000115
133 WARN missing_definition obo:mp/mp-equivalent-axioms-subq#exists_during IAO:0000115
134 WARN missing_definition obo:mp/mp-equivalent-axioms-subq#has_central_participant IAO:0000115
135 WARN missing_definition obo:mp/mp-equivalent-axioms-subq#has_output IAO:0000115
136 WARN missing_definition obo:mp/mp-equivalent-axioms-subq#has_quality IAO:0000115
137 WARN missing_definition obo:mp/mp-equivalent-axioms-subq#increases_population_size_of IAO:0000115
138 WARN missing_definition obo:mp/mp-equivalent-axioms-subq#results_from IAO:0000115
139 WARN missing_definition obo:mp/mp-equivalent-axioms-subq#results_in_change_to IAO:0000115
140 WARN missing_definition obo:mp/mp-equivalent-axioms-subq#results_in_complete_development_of IAO:0000115
141 WARN missing_definition obo:mp/mp-equivalent-axioms-subq#results_in_death_of IAO:0000115
142 WARN missing_definition obo:mp/mp-equivalent-axioms-subq#results_in_directed_movement_of IAO:0000115
143 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000001 IAO:0000115 the observable morphological, physiological, behavioral and other characteristics of mammalian organisms that are manifested through development and lifespan
144 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000003 IAO:0000115 any structural anomaly of the connective tissue composed of fat cells enmeshed in areolar tissue
145 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000005 IAO:0000115 increased amount of the thermogenic form of adipose tissue that is composed of brown adipocytes
146 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000008 IAO:0000115 increased quantity of fat-storing cells/tissue
147 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000010 IAO:0000115 any structural anomaly of the encapsulated adipose tissue in the abdomen
148 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000013 IAO:0000115 alterations in the normal placement of body fat
149 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000015 IAO:0000115 anomaly in the coloration of the skin of the outer ear due to changes in the amount, shape, or distribution of cells producing pigment
150 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000017 IAO:0000115 outer ears of a greater than normal size
151 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000018 IAO:0000115 outer ears of a smaller than normal size
152 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000019 IAO:0000115 increased width of the epidermal and cartilaginous tissue that makes up the ear
153 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000020 IAO:0000115 loss of the outer layer of the epidermis of the ears in thick, dry scale-like patches
154 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000021 IAO:0000115 protuberant outer ears
155 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000022 IAO:0000115 any anomaly in the characteristic surface outline or contour of the external ear
156 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000023 IAO:0000115 anomaly in the space between or the placement of the outer ears
157 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000024 IAO:0000115 outer ears are situated below the normal location often giving the perception of protruding from the head
158 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000025 IAO:0000115 greater than normal space between the outer ears
159 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000026 IAO:0000115 any structural anomaly of any components of the labyrinth, including the semicircular canals, vestibule and cochlea
160 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000028 IAO:0000115 any structural anomaly in the part of the vestibular ganglion that receives fibers from the maculae of the utricle and the sacculae and the ampullae of the anterior and lateral semicircular ducts
161 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000029 IAO:0000115 any structural anomaly of the largest of the three auditory ossicles, which resembles a club or hammer
162 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000030 IAO:0000115 any structural anomaly of the bony ring at the ear canal to which the tympanic membrane is attached
163 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000031 IAO:0000115 any structural anomaly of the spiral-shaped bony canal in the inner ear containing the hair cells that transduce sound
164 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000032 IAO:0000115 a retrogressive impairment of function or destruction of the spiral-shaped bony canal in the inner ear containing the hair cells that transduce sound
165 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000033 IAO:0000115 missing spiral tube within the cochlea that contains the organ of Corti, the neuroepithelial receptor organ for hearing
166 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000034 IAO:0000115 any structural anomaly of the cavity between the semicircular canals and the cochlea of the inner ear
167 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000035 IAO:0000115 any structural anomaly of the complex arrangement of communicating canaliculi and sacs suspended within the cavity of the bony labyrinth of the inner ear
168 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000036 IAO:0000115 missing organ of balance; consists of three bony tubes within which the semicircular ducts are located
169 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000037 IAO:0000115 any structural anomaly of the lateral long bony tube of the labyrinth that is involved in the sense of balance
170 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000039 IAO:0000115 any structural anomaly of the cartilage or bony capsule surrounding the inner ear mechanism
171 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000040 IAO:0000115 missing small bones of the tympanic cavity
172 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000041 IAO:0000115 missing small membranous canal of the inner ear; connecting membranous labyrinth with the endolymphatic sac
173 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000042 IAO:0000115 any structural anomaly associated with the highly specialized epithelium in the floor of the ductus cochlearis; also referred to a spiral organ (organum spirale), or acoustic papilla
174 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000043 IAO:0000115 a retrogressive impairment of function or destruction of all or part the highly specialized epithelium in the floor of the ductus cochlearis
175 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000044 IAO:0000115 absence of the highly specialized epithelium in the floor of the ductus cochlearis
176 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000045 IAO:0000115 any structural anomaly of the sensory epithelial cells of the inner ear
177 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000046 IAO:0000115 any structural anomaly of the transverse groove on the membranous amupulla of each semicircular duct, where the nerve enters the ampullary crest
178 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000048 IAO:0000115 any structural anomaly in the stratified, secretory epithelium which lines the upper part of the cochlear spiral ligament and maintains potassium ion homeostasis in the endolymph; stria vascularis normally consists of marginal, intermediate, and basal cells: basal and marginal cell tight junctions preclude paracellular diffusion into and out of the intrastrial space while basal and intermediate cells secrete into this space potassium ions derived from fibrocytes through gap junctions
179 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000049 IAO:0000115 any structural anomaly of any components of the tympanic cavity or its ossicles
180 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000052 IAO:0000115 early onset of the opening and spreading out of the outer ear
181 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000053 IAO:0000115 overly robust development of the ear
182 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000054 IAO:0000115 late onset of the growth of the outer ear
183 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000060 IAO:0000115 late onset of the formation of bone
184 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000061 IAO:0000115 easily damaged or broken bones
185 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000062 IAO:0000115 increase in the quatitative measurment value of mineral content of bone; BMD is used as an indicator of bone strength used as a measure of structural strength and screen for osteoporosis; bone mineral density is the ratio of bone mineral content to bone size
186 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000063 IAO:0000115 reduction in the quatitative measurment value of mineral content of bone; BMD is used as an indicator of bone strength used as a measure of structural strength and screen for osteoporosis; bone mineral density is the ratio of bone mineral content to bone size
187 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000064 IAO:0000115 inability to degrade the organic and inorganic phases of bone by absorption, usually by the abnormal function or by absence of osteoclasts
188 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000065 IAO:0000115 any structural anomaly of the medullary cavities of the bones
189 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000066 IAO:0000115 reduction in bone mass or atrophy of skeletal tissue; may lead to skeletal fragility
190 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000067 IAO:0000115 excessive formation of dense trabecular bone and excessive calcified cartilage formation; may lead to anemia and extramedullary hematopoiesis
191 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000069 IAO:0000115 kyphosis combined with scoliosis
192 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000071 IAO:0000115 decrease in the number of normal cells in normal arrangement in the axial skeleton, typically resulting in decreased size
193 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000073 IAO:0000115 missing skeletal elements comprising the cranium and face
194 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000074 IAO:0000115 any structural anomaly of the bones of the skull enclosing the brain
195 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000075 IAO:0000115 missing bones of the skull enclosing the brain
196 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000077 IAO:0000115 any structural anomaly of the bone of the cranium that lies above and anterior to the occipital bone in some mammals
197 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000078 IAO:0000115 any structural anomaly of the bone on the dorsal side of the great foramen of the skull, usually forming a part of the occipital in the adult, but distinct in the young
198 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000079 IAO:0000115 any structural anomaly of the basilar process of the occipital bone in the base of the cranium, frequently forming a direct part of the occipital in the adult, but usually distinct in the young
199 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000080 IAO:0000115 any structural anomaly of the bone or region on the lateral sides of the great foremen of the skull, which often forms a part of the occipital in the adult, but is usually distinct in the young
200 INFO lowercase_definition MP:0000081 IAO:0000115 early closure of one or more of the joints (sutures) between the bones of the skull; can cause alterations in head shape, facial features, brain growth and, in rare cases, damage to the brain due to increased pressure inside the skull