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Row Level Rule Name Subject Property Value
1 ERROR duplicate_label MPATH:853 rdfs:label systemic plasmacytosis
2 ERROR duplicate_label MPATH:876 rdfs:label systemic plasmacytosis
3 ERROR duplicate_label MPATH:550 rdfs:label sarcoma
4 ERROR duplicate_label MPATH:551 rdfs:label sarcoma
5 ERROR duplicate_label MPATH:852 rdfs:label plasmacytosis
6 ERROR duplicate_label MPATH:874 rdfs:label plasmacytosis
7 ERROR duplicate_label MPATH:379 rdfs:label odontogenic tumor
8 ERROR duplicate_label MPATH:386 rdfs:label odontogenic tumor
9 ERROR duplicate_label MPATH:574 rdfs:label nephroblastomatosis
10 ERROR duplicate_label MPATH:88 rdfs:label nephroblastomatosis
11 ERROR duplicate_label MPATH:414 rdfs:label histiocytic sarcoma
12 ERROR duplicate_label MPATH:506 rdfs:label histiocytic sarcoma
13 ERROR duplicate_label MPATH:413 rdfs:label granular cell tumor
14 ERROR duplicate_label MPATH:569 rdfs:label granular cell tumor
15 ERROR duplicate_label MPATH:588 rdfs:label dysplasia
16 ERROR duplicate_label MPATH:589 rdfs:label dysplasia
17 ERROR duplicate_label MPATH:65 rdfs:label developmental hypoplasia
18 ERROR duplicate_label MPATH:703 rdfs:label developmental hypoplasia
19 ERROR duplicate_label MPATH:854 rdfs:label cutaneous plasmacytosis
20 ERROR duplicate_label MPATH:875 rdfs:label cutaneous plasmacytosis
21 ERROR missing_ontology_description dc:description
22 ERROR missing_ontology_license dc:license
23 ERROR missing_ontology_title dc:title
24 WARN annotation_whitespace MPATH:710 oboInOwl:hasExactSynonym Myosarcoma
25 WARN annotation_whitespace MPATH:710 oboInOwl:hasRelatedSynonym Rhabdopoietic Sarcoma
26 WARN annotation_whitespace MPATH:710 oboInOwl:hasRelatedSynonym Sarcoma Botryoides [Soft Tissues]
27 WARN annotation_whitespace MPATH:723 oboInOwl:hasRelatedSynonym Musculoaponeurotic Fibromatosis
28 WARN annotation_whitespace MPATH:889 IAO:0000115 intracellular aggregates of actin and actin-associated proteins first observed in neurons (nerve cells) by Asao Hirano. PMID: 21978358
29 WARN invalid_xref MPATH:272 oboInOwl:hasDbXref URL:
30 WARN invalid_xref MPATH:273 oboInOwl:hasDbXref URL:
31 WARN invalid_xref MPATH:359 oboInOwl:hasDbXref URL:
32 WARN invalid_xref MPATH:371 oboInOwl:hasDbXref URL:
33 WARN invalid_xref MPATH:488 oboInOwl:hasDbXref URL:
34 WARN invalid_xref MPATH:530 oboInOwl:hasDbXref URL:
35 WARN invalid_xref MPATH:532 oboInOwl:hasDbXref URL:
36 WARN invalid_xref MPATH:552 oboInOwl:hasDbXref URL:
37 WARN invalid_xref MPATH:713 oboInOwl:hasDbXref XX:
38 WARN invalid_xref MPATH:759 oboInOwl:hasDbXref XX:
39 WARN missing_definition MPATH:346 IAO:0000115
40 WARN missing_definition MPATH:546 IAO:0000115
41 WARN missing_definition MPATH:645 IAO:0000115
42 WARN missing_definition MPATH:646 IAO:0000115
43 WARN missing_definition MPATH:647 IAO:0000115
44 WARN missing_definition MPATH:648 IAO:0000115
45 WARN missing_definition MPATH:649 IAO:0000115
46 WARN missing_definition MPATH:650 IAO:0000115
47 WARN missing_definition MPATH:651 IAO:0000115
48 WARN missing_definition MPATH:653 IAO:0000115
49 WARN missing_definition MPATH:654 IAO:0000115
50 WARN missing_definition MPATH:655 IAO:0000115
51 WARN missing_definition MPATH:657 IAO:0000115
52 WARN missing_definition MPATH:658 IAO:0000115
53 WARN missing_definition MPATH:659 IAO:0000115
54 WARN missing_definition MPATH:660 IAO:0000115
55 WARN missing_definition MPATH:661 IAO:0000115
56 WARN missing_definition MPATH:662 IAO:0000115
57 WARN missing_definition MPATH:663 IAO:0000115
58 WARN missing_definition MPATH:664 IAO:0000115
59 WARN missing_definition MPATH:665 IAO:0000115
60 WARN missing_definition MPATH:666 IAO:0000115
61 WARN missing_definition MPATH:667 IAO:0000115
62 WARN missing_definition MPATH:668 IAO:0000115
63 WARN missing_definition MPATH:669 IAO:0000115
64 WARN missing_definition MPATH:671 IAO:0000115
65 WARN missing_definition MPATH:672 IAO:0000115
66 WARN missing_definition MPATH:673 IAO:0000115
67 WARN missing_definition MPATH:674 IAO:0000115
68 WARN missing_definition MPATH:675 IAO:0000115
69 WARN missing_definition MPATH:676 IAO:0000115
70 WARN missing_definition MPATH:677 IAO:0000115
71 WARN missing_definition MPATH:678 IAO:0000115
72 WARN missing_definition MPATH:679 IAO:0000115
73 WARN missing_definition MPATH:680 IAO:0000115
74 WARN missing_definition MPATH:681 IAO:0000115
75 WARN missing_definition MPATH:682 IAO:0000115
76 WARN missing_definition MPATH:683 IAO:0000115
77 WARN missing_definition MPATH:684 IAO:0000115
78 WARN missing_definition MPATH:685 IAO:0000115
79 WARN missing_definition MPATH:686 IAO:0000115
80 WARN missing_definition MPATH:687 IAO:0000115
81 WARN missing_definition MPATH:688 IAO:0000115
82 WARN missing_definition MPATH:689 IAO:0000115
83 WARN missing_definition MPATH:690 IAO:0000115
84 WARN missing_definition MPATH:691 IAO:0000115
85 WARN missing_definition MPATH:692 IAO:0000115
86 WARN missing_definition MPATH:693 IAO:0000115
87 WARN missing_definition MPATH:694 IAO:0000115
88 WARN missing_definition MPATH:695 IAO:0000115
89 WARN missing_definition MPATH:696 IAO:0000115
90 WARN missing_definition MPATH:697 IAO:0000115
91 WARN missing_definition MPATH:698 IAO:0000115
92 WARN missing_definition MPATH:699 IAO:0000115
93 WARN missing_definition MPATH:700 IAO:0000115
94 WARN missing_definition MPATH:701 IAO:0000115
95 WARN missing_definition MPATH:702 IAO:0000115
96 WARN missing_definition MPATH:703 IAO:0000115
97 WARN missing_definition MPATH:704 IAO:0000115
98 WARN missing_definition MPATH:705 IAO:0000115
99 WARN missing_definition MPATH:706 IAO:0000115
100 WARN missing_definition MPATH:707 IAO:0000115
101 WARN missing_definition MPATH:711 IAO:0000115
102 WARN missing_definition MPATH:712 IAO:0000115
103 WARN missing_definition MPATH:713 IAO:0000115
104 WARN missing_definition MPATH:714 IAO:0000115
105 WARN missing_definition MPATH:715 IAO:0000115
106 WARN missing_definition MPATH:716 IAO:0000115
107 WARN missing_definition MPATH:717 IAO:0000115
108 WARN missing_definition MPATH:719 IAO:0000115
109 WARN missing_definition MPATH:720 IAO:0000115
110 WARN missing_definition MPATH:725 IAO:0000115
111 WARN missing_definition MPATH:726 IAO:0000115
112 WARN missing_definition MPATH:727 IAO:0000115
113 WARN missing_definition MPATH:728 IAO:0000115
114 WARN missing_definition MPATH:729 IAO:0000115
115 WARN missing_definition MPATH:730 IAO:0000115
116 WARN missing_definition MPATH:731 IAO:0000115
117 WARN missing_definition MPATH:732 IAO:0000115
118 WARN missing_definition MPATH:734 IAO:0000115
119 WARN missing_definition MPATH:736 IAO:0000115
120 WARN missing_definition MPATH:737 IAO:0000115
121 WARN missing_definition MPATH:738 IAO:0000115
122 WARN missing_definition MPATH:818 IAO:0000115
123 WARN missing_definition MPATH:819 IAO:0000115
124 WARN missing_definition obo:mpath#is_a IAO:0000115
125 WARN missing_definition obo:mpath#part_of IAO:0000115
126 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:129 rdfs:label epithelial dysplasia
127 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:203 rdfs:label general immunodeficiency disease
128 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:204 rdfs:label chronic/recurrent inflammatory disease
129 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:205 rdfs:label immunodeficiency associated infection
130 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:217 rdfs:label ulcerative inflammation
131 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:239 rdfs:label hemangioendothelioma
132 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:248 rdfs:label ependymoma malignant
133 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:283 rdfs:label intraductal carcinoma
134 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:324 rdfs:label androblastoma
135 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:325 rdfs:label fibrothecoma
136 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:327 rdfs:label gynandroblastoma
137 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:333 rdfs:label sex cord tumor
138 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:336 rdfs:label leukaemia
139 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:338 rdfs:label granulocytic leukaemia
140 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:339 rdfs:label lymphatic leukaemia
141 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:343 rdfs:label lymphoma
142 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:344 rdfs:label follicle center cell lymphoma
143 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:345 rdfs:label immunoblastic lymphoma
144 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:347 rdfs:label small lymphocytic lymphoma
145 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:348 rdfs:label thymic lymphoma
146 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:349 rdfs:label mast cell tumor
147 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:350 rdfs:label mastocytoma
148 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:364 rdfs:label mesothelial tumor
149 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:368 rdfs:label endocrine adenocarcinoma
150 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:369 rdfs:label endocrine adenoma
151 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:386 rdfs:label odontogenic tumor
152 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:390 rdfs:label chondroblastoma, malignant
153 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:402 rdfs:label glomus tumor
154 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:411 rdfs:label granular cell tumor/alveolar sarcoma
155 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:414 rdfs:label histiocytic sarcoma
156 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:427 rdfs:label myoblastoma
157 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:434 rdfs:label neurilemmoma
158 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:441 rdfs:label synovioma
159 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:481 rdfs:label pre-neoplastic lesions
160 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:483 rdfs:label atypical hyperplasia
161 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:485 rdfs:label carcinoma in situ
162 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:514 rdfs:label B cell neoplasms
163 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:550 rdfs:label sarcoma
164 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:552 rdfs:label Clara cell adenoma
165 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:557 rdfs:label aberrant crypt foci
166 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:569 rdfs:label granular cell tumor
167 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:588 rdfs:label dysplasia
168 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:593 rdfs:label myeloma
169 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:598 rdfs:label degenerative entity
170 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:612 rdfs:label Abscess
171 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:65 rdfs:label developmental hypoplasia
172 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:69 rdfs:label ectopia
173 WARN missing_obsolete_label MPATH:88 rdfs:label nephroblastomatosis
174 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:129 IAO:0000115 epithelial dysplasia
175 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:169 IAO:0000115 .A rare benign neoplasm of the mucosa of the urinary bladder or the urethra, consisting of tubular structures resembling those of the nephron.
176 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:203 IAO:0000115 general immunodeficiency disease
177 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:204 IAO:0000115 chronic/recurrent inflammatory disease
178 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:236 IAO:0000115 .A benign neoplasm of fibrous tissue in which there are multiple large and small dilated vascular channels ( M9160/0).
179 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:239 IAO:0000115 hemangioendothelioma
180 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:248 IAO:0000115 ependymoma malignant
181 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:251 IAO:0000115 meningioma
182 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:324 IAO:0000115 obsolete use Sertoli cell tumor MPATH: 331.
183 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:325 IAO:0000115 obsolete use thecoma MPATH:334.
184 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:326 IAO:0000115 . Derived from sex cord stromal cells. In male thought to be Sertoli cells. (M- 8620/1).
185 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:327 IAO:0000115 gynandroblastoma
186 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:333 IAO:0000115 sex cord tumor
187 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:336 IAO:0000115 leukaemia
188 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:338 IAO:0000115 granulocytic leukaemia
189 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:339 IAO:0000115 lymphatic leukaemia
190 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:343 IAO:0000115 lymphoma
191 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:344 IAO:0000115 follicle center cell lymphoma
192 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:345 IAO:0000115 immunoblastic lymphoma
193 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:347 IAO:0000115 small lymphocytic lymphoma
194 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:348 IAO:0000115 thymic lymphoma
195 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:349 IAO:0000115 mast cell tumor
196 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:350 IAO:0000115 mastocytoma
197 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:364 IAO:0000115 mesothelial tumor
198 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:368 IAO:0000115 obsolete.
199 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:369 IAO:0000115 endocrine adenoma
200 INFO lowercase_definition MPATH:386 IAO:0000115 odontogenic tumor